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I bought a Lyman cast bullet sizer off Ebay back when Clinton was president. The item was described as being complete and tight. When the item arrived, there was no reservoir cap, no ratcheting pressurizing handle and one of the linkage bolts was bent and on the verge of breaking.

I contacted the seller and told him that the item did not match his description to which he stated that he knew nothing about the item, stating "...I just buy things to resell".

I told him that instead of sending the item back, I was going to take care of the problems myself but was going to give him bad feedback inasmuch as that is what he deserved. He proceeded to tell me that if I gave him bad feedback, he would retaliate by giving me bad feedback in retaliation. I told him to accept the bad feedback like a man instead of making whiny excuses like Bill Clinton. I gave him negative feedback with the reasons why (parts missing)...he never gave me bad feedback like he threatened initially.

I had access to a lathe so I turned a reservoir cap out of aluminum with no problem and used the ratchet handle from my Chapman screwdriver bit set for the pressurizing handle (they are identical), and replaced the linkage bolt with a high-strength all, less trouble than sending the item back and waiting to find another used one on Ebay.

That was my worst experience on Ebay...all the other experiences have generally been good. However, I always look at a person's feedback count and percentage.
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