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Progress is slow. I have all of the parts I need except for the repair of the magazine tube. That is turning out to be the hard part. Marlin's magazine tubes were different than everybody else's in that the outer tube is the one that moves up to expose the loading gate in the fixed inner tube. It relies on bending the metal at the end of the outer tube so the outer tube can pick up a pin on the follower and ride up with the outer tube. I spent the weekend trying to modify my existing outer tube but it was a failure.

I still don't have it feeding right yet either. I work on it every weekend but just haven't got to the point that it feeds reliably. I think I have it figured out, said that about 100 times before, but I really need the magazine tube to be working normally to assure myself that if it doesn't work it isn't related to how the rounds are fed into the receiver and onto the carrier.

I am still amazed at how few parts are needed to make a round feed into the rifle. The magazine is 4 pieces, inner tube, outer tube, follower and spring. In the receiver there is the carrier that has a rocker attached to it, the finger lever extension, and the bolt. The bolt has the extractor and the firing pin with the ejector pressed into the side of the receiver. That's it. in the receiver there are 3 moving parts. But what that means is that each part does more than one thing. Like the carrier. It not only lifts the cartridge into position but while it is doing that it is also holding the next cartridge in the magazine tube. I basically understand how the carrier/rocker/lever extension work together, but I can't actually see how the surfaces mate up due to the arrangement of the carrier on top of the lever extension. So I have spent hours just looking at how things fit together and try to figure out how they work together.
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