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I've had good deals, bad deals, and plenty of average stuff that gets lost in the shuffle.
Work it out as best you can. At least it was eBay and not Gunbroker. GB is terrible about buyer protection.

If things go to crap, set a reminder to watch your feedback like a hawk, at the 60 day limit.

A lot of disreputable sellers have gone to never leaving anything but negative feedback (and usually only if the customer complains), and they wait until just before the feedback window closes, to do it. That way, you cannot protest or refute anything.
It's like bid-sniping, but with feedback...
(It's not just the little guys, either. Western Gun Parts has done this to me on Gunbroker, after sending totally different parts than described in the auction, and refusing to do anything about it.)

I turned that tactic against a scabby eBay seller just last week.
I bought parts advertised as "in the white".
Something similar showed up "in the silver spray paint" with extra parts that were heavily rusted and pitted.
I requested a return or refund.
The seller told me to get bent.
I opened an official refund request.
The seller sent me a message telling me that he was going to let the refund request time-out, because the auction was listed as 'no returns / no refunds'.
I reminded him that the parts did not match the item description and eBay would have my back.
He told me to get lost.
So, I got dirty. I pointed out that any way that this was resolved, other than a refund or return, would leave him open to feedback sniping and using the eBay "guarantee" to get my money back anyway.
He refunded 50% of the price, told me to keep the parts, and then asked if that was adequate.

The rusty parts were actually useful, so I acquiesced.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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