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I am chronicling this rifle primarily on the Marlin Owner's Forum because there seems to be very specific knowledge of this rifle there. But I do want to keep my friends here on The Firing Line updated. I'm using the copy/paste to keep this thread and a similar thread on The High Road updated.

starts out just like this one did (copy/paste) but continues on with specific pictures of specific parts. Fortunately I move very slowly and don't fit things until I truly understand what surfaces are involved. At least I think I understand.

I fitted the extractor in the old bolt but didn't want to finish fitting until I received brass/bullets and could complete the fitting of new parts while I fitted for function/cycling of the action. As it turns out, I was unable to make the old bolt function. It has a lot of wear on all surfaces and it seemed like I was chasing my tail. So I fit the new bolt to the existing finger lever. The bolt face seems to need no fitting. I received brass and bullets last Saturday and put together a dummy round so I could diagnose function of the feeding part of the cycle. So I had already replaced the bolt, ejector, extractor, and carrier pivot pin (it wouldn't stay in on its own) and now I have the new bolt fitted. But it still won't feed from the magazine all the way into the chamber. I have stared at the action for hours and tried to figure out how it works. I think I understand the sequence of operation now. First, I have to commend the designers of this rifle for its simplicity of operation. There are only three major parts involved in feeding a round from the magazine tube into the chamber. They are: Finger Lever (and extension), Carrier, and bolt. That's it. The early models didn't have a separate cartridge cut off and mine doesn't. So this one will probably never cycle the shorts and I'm OK with that. The finger lever extension provides all of the movement needed to feed a round into the chamber. It pulls the bolt back and lifts the carrier into position in front of the bolt so the bolt can push the round into the chamber. But to do this, the finger level has a couple of surfaces that interface with the hidden side of the carrier that appear to have some heavy wear. Fortunately Numrich has parts and some of them are NOS like the barrel was. The new bolt is NOS. That being said, I have ordered a new finger lever as well as a carrier toggle and finger lever pivot screw. In the end the only thing inside the receiver that will be original will be the carrier and the trigger/springs.

I am staying with the original 32 Colt Centerfire cartridge at least for now. I understand the conversion to 32 S&W Long is pretty easy but I prefer my firearms to be as original as possible. Though I must admit that the availability of the S&W cartridge is very appealing. The new parts have already shipped out and should be available for installation this coming weekend. I'm hoping to shoot this thing on Sunday. It should shoot well as it has a brand new barrel that is pristine.
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