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Unfortunately the barrel is toast. I priced out relining and the cost would be approximately $350. Maybe a little high, I figure I could find it maybe for marginally cheaper. I found an NOS Barrel at Numrich and it arrived yesterday along with a new ejector. I dont know when Marlin stopped making parts but I suspect in 1916 making the barrel at least 102 years old. It looks like it came off the line yesterday. As best I can measure it, it appears to be fully chambered in 32 Colt. Rifling is gorgeous. I'll take it to my Smith this morning to see how much and how long.

I tried taking pictures but they were terrible.

The ejector that was in the rifle appeared to be home made. It is possible it was an older style original that had been worked on. It was just a sliver of metal that was slightly curved on the bottom. Apparently as the bolt moved backward the back part was pushed down and the front part would rise out of the ejector slot and eject the empty. For all I know it might have worked.
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