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It sure is a neat rifle. But I'm going to call the barrel toast. The first 3/8" at the muzzle accepts a .303 pin gauge before stopping on the rifling. Same thing for the first 2" from the breach end. I slugged the barrel with a 58 caliber round ball and the tightest dimension is .314-.305. But I'm pretty sure those dimensions only exist from about 3/8" to 4" below the muzzle. Because after 4" I could push the slug the rest of the way with light hand pressure. There was a little more resistance 2 or so inches before the chamber. But not much.

Fortunately Numrich had a factory new 24" round barrel in stock. It is now on its way to me along with a couple of other parts. I suspect it will arrive short chambered but I really dont know or care. I'm not sure what a manufacturer would normally do with a replacement barrel with a rimmed cartridge. If it comes in finished for 32 Rf/CF it will remain so. If it needs to be finished it will be finished for 32 S&W/Long. Though lime Mike suggested he would do, it may just end up 32 S&W Long. Maybe likely.

I knew this was possible when I bought the rifle. So, still not disappointed.
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