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Well, I spent several hours disassembling and cleaning today. I learned a lot. The tubular magazine is the most finicky part of the rifle. I have a little work to do on it. Feed and loading are remarkably simple. Also, there is no disconnect to prevent firing if the bolt is not all the way closed.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to save this barrel. It was dark with pretty strong rifling but I spent a couple of hours cleaning but all I was able to do was expose the full length pitting. Pin gauges indicates that the rifling is worn for the first 3/8" from the muzzle. I'm going to take it to my gunsmith tomorrow (he was sick today) and get a second opinion and an estimate for a re-line.

I know well that some pitted bores shoot lights out. It just depends. So, unless I can find some ammo here in Phoenix to test or I'm going to have to decide between the cost of a re-line to 32 S&W/Long or the cost of 32 Colt dies and components. I knew this was possible and I have no regrets. I'll know more tomorrow.
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