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The .458 SOCOM family is one place where I've found "anti-tilt" followers to be a good thing, as well.

With .223/5.56, .300 Blk, .17-223, it doesn't seem to matter, as long as the cases and magazines are in spec.

But with 6x45mm and the SOCOM family, anti-tilt matters - at least in my ARs. With 6x45mm, it's due to COAL usually being over max and barely fitting inside the magazine. Any tilt, and the nose snags the front of the magazine. With .458 SOCOM, it's just the fat bullets (and sometimes, large meplats) being more prone to snagging if there's a tilting issue.

But, of course, I like to half-moon my magazines for the SOCOM family, anyway. So a tilting follower isn't much of an issue once that's done - unless it's really bad.
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