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Looks like it's got some weight to it.
Some people think I'm crazy. I felt that my first iteration of the .458 SOCOM was too heavy. So, I rebuilt it with some lighter parts (including a lighter upper receiver and BCG).

When the .475 Tremor came around, I trimmed even more weight. The only upper in the safe that's lighter than the .475 Tremor is the 7.5" 5.56 pistol upper.

In the process I learned that the 458 Socom doesn't like crappy mags/followers!
Lancer AWMs seem to be the go-to.
I received one as a gift, to test. (Bigger bullets with even bigger meplats, in the Tremor, after all.)
Works great, but I may need to half-moon it for manual unloading.

My standard are regular old "GI" mags. Mine are all civilian market, though. D&H, PSA (D&H), and Brownells (also D&H). I prefer the aluminum bodies, as they're easier to half-moon at the front -- primarily to make manually unloading easier, but also to clear some of the huge meplats on .475" bullets.

I thought ASC might be good, but they were a total failure - even for .223/5.56!
P-Mags sometimes work, for some people, but I don't even bother any more. Absolute fluster cluck in my testing with several lowers and both big bore uppers.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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