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I ran a Burris Fast Fire III (in ARF3 form) on my upper - built around a 16.25" Tromix barrel and bolt.
Eventually, I put together a .475 Tremor (.458 SOCOM necked up) and let the .458 SOCOM upper move on into my brother's hands.

He runs a Vortex of some kind, with 3x magnification, if I remember correctly.
Me? I went to iron sights.
For me, the SOCOM and Tremor had/have the same purpose: Short range, quick shots, with a whole bunch of hurt and a big hole on the other end.
With that application in mind, a scope didn't make much sense and I had already passed the FFIII on to another upper.

No regrets.

I'm good to about 150 yards with the sights that I'm running, on 'deer/elk'-sized game, but my self-imposed limit for the cartridge is only 100-125 yards.

At one time, I was using a scope for load development. But I've given up on that, too. If I'm hunting with iron sights, I might as well just test with iron sights. There isn't much point in having a load more precise than the sighting system and idiot pulling the trigger.
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