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We SHOULD be checking deer firearm. techs

a month prior opening day.
We should be ethical hunters.

Having manned my clubs' "sight-in" day, I'm amazed that the number of deer are harvested.
This year I had a "elderly" gentleman show up before closing.
He was excited that after 20 years of apply for a MIichgan Elk permit was drawn for the DEC13/14 hunt. He was trying to sight-in a Savage 110, in 7mm Mag., he had two boxes of 175gr bullets. He was having difficulty with the recoil.

I suggested he swing by the Dundee Cabelas' store and consider getting a recoil pad that he could wear under his clothes and consider trying the 150 / 162 grain ammo for more control and concentrate on good shot placement.

He thought about and said he considerate it.

I related a conversation with the SIERRA Ballistics regarding my .308 loads using the 165gr SPT @ 2600 fps for use on WA ELk, they suggested using the 165gr HPBT and bumping the powder up to get an additional 150=200fps. The HPBT are of sturdier construction for deeper penetration

Never got his name, hope he was successful
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