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Uberti introduced a passive safety a couple of years ago in the form of a hammer mounted retracting firing pin. In the original Colt design the firing pin is in contact with the primer if the hammer is down on a loaded chamber. Uberti calls the new design the “Cattleman II”. At one time it was said that all currently manufactured revolvers have the retracting hammer except for the ones with the “old model” or “black powder” frames, but reports now are that those revolvers are now coming with the new hammer.

Some folks don’t like the new design, in part because the gun makes three clicks on cocking instead of the traditional four. Other folks prefer the new design because it is less prone to accidental discharge (I’d wager the owner’s manual cautions against carrying the gun fully loaded anyway).

I’d recommend that any single action revolver other than a Ruger New Model be loaded with five rounds, empty chamber under the hammer.
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