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Skinner sight on CVA .32????

I am considering mounting a Skinner "Lo-Pro" rear aperture on my CVA .32 Squirrel Rifle. The plan would be to drill and tap the flat on the tang where the hooked breech slips in. The sight then would thread into the hole.

It can be done,.......... my question is, has any body tried this combo....specifically, is there sufficient elevation adjustment on the tidy little Skinner aperture, to get me on target without having to deal with the front sight, either by filing or replacement. Windage is dealt with by drifting the front, I get that.

The Skinner is a nifty little sight that would look right on the .32, and not require a bunch of cobbling on my part with homemade arrangements..........if I can get on target elevation wise by not having to replace or file up front.

Anybody tried this........all comments welcome.
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