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Motor oil is great for carbon fouling. I used it, and ATF, a lot on machine guns.

It's always funny how some military veterans swore by "Breakfree" because they used it all those years cleaning everything from M16s to M2s.

The exposed lead base of the bullet really helps reduce copper fouling, atomized lead mixes with hot copper to form a highly brittle amalgamate which doesn't stick to the bore.

Then they get a hunting rifle, or join a military rifle team, and start shooting bullets with reverse drawn jackets which don't have exposed lead, and all of a sudden "Breakfree" doesn't work so well...

A couple years back I had a crazy idea to buy some micronized tin dioxide to mix in with my reloads so I wouldn't have to buy new CFE powders... But I never got around to it, or trying the cheaper version and just adding a small sliver of lead or solder compound to the mix. They used to do that with artillery shells, putting elemental lead inside the shell to decopper the tube...

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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