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The Barnes bullets are a different animal of their own. I had to contact Barnes for load data and seating depth on the 127 grain lxr. It has its own powder of H4350 at 41 grains. Seated 2.750. I stretched a few out to 2.80 and group size changed considerably. They will hold .35 at a hundred with their specs. That's about 2500 fps on the chronograph. The IMR 4166 seems to have better powder charges for the .308. I picked up some IMR 4451 which is supposed to be closer to my 260 loads. Can't do much more than experiment with both and ladder up until I see pressure signs. Both powders are getting really good reviews but of course my loading manuals don't show these powders. Hodgdon does have loads in their manual for them so I'm just going with their mid range loads to start. I have a muzzle brake on the 260 and the 308 and haven't loaded any of these in 308 yet but muzzle flash in 260 is almost nonexistent. I'll be loading this week and shooting next weekend.
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