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That a typo on my part. iPad keys too small for even little fingers. Yes, I have a Barnes manual. No, this powder isn't even listed for the 129 lxr. Bullet was new enough I had to call Barnes for load data. Been using H4350 and IMR 4350 and the Hodgdon wins for accuracy at 41 grains seated at 2.750. I tried a little longer but these things like a jump in my Tikka. They listed Hybrid 100 V as most accurate powder.
Hodgdon lists 31.7 to 34.5 for the IMR 4166. That's for a Nosler partition 140 grain but I mainly shoot 140 smk and 129 Hornady sst out of mine. The Barnes are tack drivers out to 500 yards but I've got a lot of work to do to push them any farther with accuracy. At 600 they open up like shotgun rounds.
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