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I agree that in a society collapse scenario, common calibers used by US military and law enforcement would probably be bought up, confiscated, and hoarded by the government and/or it's employees.

The way I think about it is, "What calibers is the enemy likely to be using?" Because, after all, who are you going to be taking out and helping yourself to their equipment? Having weapons that are interchangeable calibers with what the enemy uses is preferable for a SHTF scenario. Otherwise, when you run out of your caliber, your weapon will be just a really expensive bludgeon. Or in the case of the M4, not even that. Additionally, moving large quantities of ammo can become a logistics problem for a slough of reasons in such a scenario.

Second, you have to have a round that is going to be effective at ranges and against targets that you would likely encounter. Is you opponent likely to be armored? Would you end up stuck in open country or downtown?

No matter what you end up with, be it a Louisville Slugger or a Barrett .50, you have to know how to use your weapon effectively, both mechanically and tactically. If you lack the skills, you're pretty screwed no matter what you got.
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