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Mannedwolf, you are right about 7.62x39 being imported... But were society to fall to its knees, all ammunition would cease to be manufactured. What the military and police had, they would either guard closely, or take home to keep for themselves.

7.62x39 is a very common round, even in the US. Because its cheap, many people have stockpiled thousands of rounds, and its not that difficult to find. Most shooters have at least 100 rounds of it on hand, and many have much more. Ocasionally cases bought beforein the pre-ban scare of the 90's turn up in barns or basments, completely forgotten. Eventually the supply of ammo would dry up.... and unless you had access to military stockpiles, or reloading equipment, so would the supply of 223.

In a very worse case senario... eventually (think 50-100 years) the people would turn back to blackpower firearms, unless they could secure a cache of primers, brass, and lead casting equipment in the rifle of their choice.
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