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What I use is my Ruger Mini-30, which I have worked all the bugs out of and managed to acquire six 30 rnd mags and a 20 that are in good working order. It has a muzzle break w/a H&K-style front sight, and a Choate Dragunov-style stock. While it's not the best choice for any one scenario, it is adequate for just about any scenario you can think of under 300 yards. There is definitely something to be said for versatility.

Beyond 300 yards, I have a Mosin Nagant I am working on that once completed, there will not be another in the world quite like it.

I am a firm believer in long guns, and that your pistol's primary use (other than concealed carry) is to fight your way back to your long gun that you never should have put down in the first place. For that role, I have a PA-63.
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