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686 Plus Trigger Won't Reset

Hi so I have a brand new, unfired 686 plus 3" 3-5-7 edition and I'm having some trouble and don't know what to do.

I noticed it today when I got home and was able to dry fire it that the trigger seemed to get really gritty towards the end of travel in double action. Didn't think much of it but noticed a lot of hesitation when releasing it. Then when I tried to dry fire it in single action the hammer would fall but the trigger wouldn't go forward. It happens every 7th or 6th time around, and you can feel it is slightly harder to cock before this happens.

I don't know what to do. I just bought it today, and I am considering taking it back and getting my money back or exchanging it for another one.

Do you think I should take the side plate off and try to clean it on the inside?

How would I go about cleaning it? If so, do I even let oil in there?

I just don't know anything about the guts of a 686, and would hate to screw something up or show up at the shop and not be able to replicate the problem.
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