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Originally Posted by Glenn E Meyer
I don't want to redo that debate. If there is evidence that the 12 gauge is superior based on evidence, not anecdotes, I haven't seen it and I pay attention to such.

But, I'm out suggestions on this thread. I can shoot both - I have the low recoil Federal in my shotgun for HD but going for the AR if I have to use a long arm.

Do what folks want based on clich├ęs.

If someone thinks that something like a single 9mm. 5.56mm, etc. round is more effective than a single 12 Gauge shotgun round for home defense ranges, then more power to them In any case, for the 12 Gauge Mossberg 590A1, I like to use Federal low recoil flitecontrol rounds that generally can pattern all 9 of 00 Buckshot in the 8 ring or better up to 25 yards.
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