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My LR stick is 7-08.
My younger son's is .308.

We don't hunt, so retained energy isn't relevant for us, but it's all about ballistics at 600-1000.

You didn't state the distance you're going to be shooting...the 7-08 (and 7mm in general) carries a ballistic advantage over the .30 here.

However, I've been commenting on a few threads lately that the availability of high BC, long range bullets for the 7mm isn't so great- and the favorite of many, the 162 Amax, has been suspended from production.

I think the choice comes down to the range you're going to be shooting- both target and game- and the energy required for the latter.

But if you're thinking more "range gun", the 7-08 "beats" the .308 simply because of the better ballistics of the 7mm bullets.
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