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As far as being big, yeah it is, but things just worked out that way. I purchased 42 acres for family recreation. We have a 6 acre pond, good 4-wheeler space, and a nice place to build our "cabin" which is really just a 32x56 metal building with a garage, finished living space, and a loft above that. This is just our play area since we own a business that is hard to get away from.

As far as drainage goes, I'm not worried. The entire area is sloped to the south towards our biggest pond. The dozer guy deals with this stuff all the time and he did put a tube in at one place.

This is really just for me. I have some brothers that will shoot on it a couple times a year (They don't live in the immediate area) and a few good friends that enjoy shooting. I plan to be very selective on who I let shoot on my farm.
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