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I carried a Gen 4 G19 for eight years (2013-2021) A couple months ago my agency "upgraded" me to the Gen 5 G48. Nice pistol and I scored a possible (100%) first through the qualification course. Hooray! I also scored many a possible over the past years with my "old" Gen 4 G19. Hooray!

I opted to purchase my "old" G19 for $200 when I was upgraded. I will be retiring in approximately five years and more than likely my "new & improved" G45 will be gifted to me (slide engraved with my name, badge number and years of service) by my agency. I'll happily keep it. Then I'll have two old Glocks that I will be perfectly happy with and see no need to upgrade. They will be in a safe with handguns that are (in some cases) seventy - ninety years old and still work very very well.

The last truly new handgun I purchased was a Ruger GP100 in 2016. A new handgun in terms of birth date, but almost exactly the same as the first GP100 introduced at the 1986 SHOT Show...or was it the 1985 show?? Well anyway the point is I don't understand the need to constantly upgrade ones trucks or guns. Incidentally my truck is a 1994 Ford F150; which works just fine and I'm very happy to drive. I guess that makes me a Bad American (i.e. bad consumer)
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