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Originally Posted by Carl the Floor Walker View Post
But I have had upgrades on other guns that IMO that did not shoot any better. Perhaps it is the fact that I become so familiar with a gun because of spending so much time with it etc.
This is a very fair point and I’ve been there myself. I have a bin full of parts that I’ve tried in an effort to “improve” a firearm in some way or another. In a number of cases it didn’t seem to help, and in some cases it even made the firearm less reliable.

For me I’ve found this negative result more with putting aftermarket parts into firearms than I have with factory changes. For instance, to me the 2.0 changes to the M&P line were something I liked and made it so I no longer felt the need for APEX parts.

Of course the manufacturer, as you’ve pointed out, has a vested interest in us buying new firearms. Determining what is marketing and what is real isn’t always easy. My point is more that sometimes there actually is a difference that might be worth it. If you can try yourself before making that jump, borrowing a firearm from a friend at a range or making a rental, then hopefully you reduce the risk of regretting a buying decision.

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