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Originally Posted by TunnelRat View Post
As someone that has owned Gen 3, 4, and 5 Glocks I personally saw a noticeable improvement in shooting Gen 5 Glocks when it came to group sizes (and I had many thousands of rounds through the Glocks I had previously). I didn’t find it was marketing bs.

Now should someone sell their Gen 3/4 just to upgrade? I don’t think it’s required, but if they want to and they have the money I don’t see a problem with it. Glocks generally have good resale value and you could probably trade out of a Gen 3/4 for not much money.

We all have differing levels of disposable income and goals. I don’t think shooting development and new firearm purchases have to be mutually exclusive. You should be honest with yourself as to whether or not you’re making a decision for something tangible, but even then if someone just likes something more that’s their call.

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I am not a Glock fan, however that does not mean they are not great guns. I believe they are. So I have not put thousands of rounds out of one to say that each new model keeps getting better groups.
But I have had upgrades on other guns that IMO that did not shoot any better. Perhaps it is the fact that I become so familiar with a gun because of spending so much time with it etc.
But as you say, and I agree with, purchasing a new model, or more guns is a individual choice and thanks to the fact that we Live in a Great Country we can make those choices.
So in that regard, I would say that someone with disposable income should go ahead and get a new model. Even if he or she does not like it as well as the previously model they can just keep it or sell it. Each to his own.

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