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My older brother bought a brand new Glock 19X a few months back and I was stunned how accurate and smooth the trigger was compared to my G19 which is gen4. Many, many articles I've read have stated that the Gen5 is more accurate, although not by leaps and bounds, than the other generations. I'm sure there are folks with earlier generations that have tuned their pistols with triggers/sights and such to make them very accurate for them. I have shot the beans out of my 19 and with the loads it does best with, 10-15 feet I can hit very accurately with. The longest shot I'd ever have to take in my house is right around 15 feet, so I'm comfortable if I'd ever need it in that scenario. 20-25 feet I'm not as good with it, which is a little frustrating but that's more of a reflection me than the gun.

I realize some gun writers have bias so I don't take it that every Gen 5 is better due to the marksman's barrel. My only experience is with the 19x. And that particular copy my brother owns is very accurate with (for a stock Glock) a nice trigger.

I am pleased overall with my gen 4 19, though, and at the moment have no interest in upgrading to a 5. Luckily, I think I'm one of the few people that don't dislike the grooves on the grip, they actually work with my fingers without issue.
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