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I'd point out that the M14 hasn't really been "in use since 1957 or so" since when the M16 became the issue rifle, the M14s were removed from service.
I went through Marine Corps boot camp in April through June of 1969 and we were issued and trained with the M14. My next Marine Corps duty station was Cherry Point NC and again I was issued an M14 which I qualified with again. Marines had rifle qualification once a year and when your time came you and your rifle were on the range. It wasn't till 1972 when I got to Vietnam that I was issued an M16A1.

My understanding was Marine Corps Recruit Depot Paris Island SC started issuing the M16 before MCRD San Diego where I went but those were well after 1957. Possibly you meant 1967 verse 1957? When I returned from Vietnam I was assigned to Marine Barracks NAS North Island CA and by then it was all M16 till I left after 9 years service.

Qual Day June of 1969. I am shooting prone at the 500 meter line. I am the one shooting left handed. Shooting the M14.

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