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But, I think the AR10 style rifle is the best choice today in this category if you're going to actually fight with it. It has all the modern features that you may want.
A) what "modern features" would those be, and how are any of them a significant aid to using the rifle in combat?

B) What if I don't want those features???

Here's an important point, I'm not in the military, so, what ever I do is not supported by the military. Now, this does mean I do get to make my own choices about weapons and gear, but it also means that I pay for them out of my own pocket and there is NO maint OR supply support except what I provide for my self.

Also no squad of guys to fight with me, no air support, no artillery on call. no one with a belt fed GPMG or .50cal for suppressive fire support, and no medivac. I can count on NOTHING except being on my own.

That is, for me, a good reason not to choose the AR10 type rifle as my combat rifle. It may, to you, have 'modern features" you feel are benefits, but to me it LACKS some rather important "old school" features I feel are necessary and beneficial.

So, please, lay out, point by point where and why you think the AR10 is the best rifle to choose "if you are going to fight with it", and I'll tell you where you are wrong, where I think you are wrong, and where what might not be wrong for you is wrong for me. Game on!
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