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I started out in 1982, with a Harbor Freight rolling drum and 25# box each, of walnut and corn Cobb.

It did a fairly good job, but didn't hold much.

Bought a large bowl vibratory from Midway. Have put 150-200 rifle brass in it, at one time.
(.30-06, 7Mag) mixed walnut and corn, with a squirt of Nu-Finish car polish.
Let it 2-3 hours. Range pickup brass, I may leave it 6 hours or more. I have forgot and let it run 24 hours.

Midway is 10+ years old. Still using the original HF walnut and corn cob.

I have considered "wet". I have looked into the set up.
At this time, I have no need or desire to change. When replacement time comes, it is a toss up, but most likely, will not change.

That old HF drum still works. Gave it to grandson for his .38Spc brass
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