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While,IMO,Timney,Canjar,etc a great triggers,its often true they require removing some wood from the stock. Not a lot,but some.

Its my opinion that one of the more attractive things about owning a GI trim

03.03A3,03A4 or a Garand s the option of CMP Vintage games.

These shoots are not about equipment advantage.Everybody is shooting an issue grade,relatively equal rifle. As much as possible.its more about shooting skill.

IF you feel you must have an improved trigger, find a source and order the new GI parts. They are not all that expensive or hard to find.

I do not suggest a first timer try a DIY project on them.

An experience gunsmith can improve smoothness and surface finish without altering the geometry.

It should not cost much. As you are using interchangable GI parts and preserving your originals,no catastrophe is likely.

Of course.when the job is done,testing for safety must be done.

My 1903A4 clone has a military 2 stage trigger. I understand the trigger,and I massaged it some.

Its NOT a single stage ,glass rod break. Its definitely a military two stage.

I will pass the CMP pull weight test.(The spec might be 3 lbs,I forget. I'm not looking it up. I know my rifle passed)

The thing is,its a good trigger.Its honest. And I don't think a Timney or Canjar would significantly improve my shooting.
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