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One of the activities you might really enjoy with your 1903A3 is participating in the Civiian Marksmanship Program (CMP) games. Look up the CMP and do some research. Look at the rules.

The rifles must be in "issue" configuration. An aftermarket or modified trigger or one too light would not be allowed to compete.

I would recommend slowing down,taking a few deep breaths,and focus on enjoying that rifle as it is.

If it has not been has a two stage military trigger. Its a simple,rugged,and safe trigger. There is very generous sear engagement (safe)while the rifle is cocked . The first stage of the trigger is "takeup" That reduces the sear engagement so the second stage "just a bit more" will fire the rifle.

In most cases,its the same trigger millions of other 1903A3 shooters have mastered and shoot very well.

I suggest that with practice,you can,too.

I won't say its not possible to improve the trigger. I will say its very unlikely a person who is not skilled and experienced in gunsmithing can watch a youtube video made at a kitchen table by an amateur hack is going to get acceptable results.

If you find yourself reaching for an unlicensed Dremel tool ...STOP!! Just don't.
Go shoot the rifle,and develop skill.
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