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Holloway HAC-7

Traded a long haul trucker a bottle of rum for a Holloway Arms HAC-7. Its in good condition but with no mags. Tried a couple of old AR-10 mags but would not fit and niether would the M-14 mags work. Did they use their own design?

Took a few shots with it just by single loading into the chamber, the rifle functions alright and seems to be reasonably accurate, although the barrel is a little dark and rough in spots. Other than that it seems to be in reasonably good condition.

Did a search and gleamed a little bit of information regarding the rifles history etc. from the serial number it appears this one was one of the last production units. I wonder if by then if the mag type had changed?

And not surprisingly when I check the "Official Government of Canada Firearms Registration" Website, they have no listing of this rifle whatsoever.

Anybody ever run into one of these??
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