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I've had a couple of Bergara's. A B14 Hunter in 6.5 CM and a Ridge in 308. The 6.5 was acceptably accurate, but no more so than several others costing much less. For about 1/2 the money my Ruger American Predator and for about $100 less my Tikka T3 were both slightly more accurate. I was never able to get the Ridge in 308 to shoot up to my standards. I eventually let both go.

Only time will tell about the Springfield.

If I were buying a rifle to meet your specs I'd go with a Tikka CTR in 6.5 CM. They offer it with 20" and 24" barrels. For anything under 1000 yards the 20" barrel is plenty. Street price is about $1000 in blue, $1100 in SS.
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