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I had a C&R for 2 renewals and then let it lapse. It wasn't worth it to me and it ain't about the $30.

Most places won't take a C&R FFL even though the firearm in question is 50+. Also, those old guns fall into a few categories: junk guns like H&R's & Iver Johnsons, $1,000+ true collectibles, milsurp import, & 50+. I got enough wall hangers, don't do real collectibles, & got enough milsurp. The only thing that interests me are the 50+ year old guns and sellers don't usually accept C&R's for those.

The other issue I had with getting guns shipped to your home is that rarely does the seller spend the extra few dollars for a Signature Required delivery even if you'd request it. I've had guns left on my porch or in my mailbox. Sure, I got cameras, but I really don't want some stupid kid snatching a package and discovering a gun inside.

Finally, I'd never liked the ideta of getting your book audited. Yeah, I know that you can just go to their offices but it's just one more opportunity to deal with 'em.

I rather spend the extra $20 - $30 and avoid all the other "benefits" of having a C&R.

YMMV . . .
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