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What rifles are you interested in?

C&R can get you a lot of stuff. Pistols are definitely a big plus, as is sending them to your home (state laws applicable). Are there still deals? There are... just not $89 Mosin Nagants.

Gunbroker and GunBoards are good sources. C&Rs also get you discounts at Grafs, Brownells, and Numrich. If you buy enough, $30 quickly is paid off.

I got my C&R when I was leaving NJ, right when the new laws came up. There was some benefits given to C&R guys... but nothing huge. Being able to buy in other states is nice. I got a Colt Vest Pocket, Colt 1917, S&W Victory (copy of Oswald’s gun), and a beautiful S&W M&P from 1918 with it. Can’t wait to get up to Maine and change the address... and actually use the license with how it was intended.
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