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Originally Posted by leadcounsel
Is there a IDPA style 'competition' that doesn't involve race guns, race holsters, and soft-loads?

I'm competitive and don't like coming in last against those folks with their fancy equipment who want to win the match.

It would be great if there were folks with their compact pistols and IWB holsters...
The majority of the gear used at IDPA matches is pretty standard, and ammo has to make a required Power Factor. Some guys might have some fancy guns, but there's very little correlation between that and the final rankings. A friend of mine is an ESP Distinguished Master, and his favorite gun to use (and win with) is a plain ol' sub-compact Glock 26.

And as a new competitor, you're somewhat unfamiliar with the rules and tactics, so there's a learning curve involved, so it won't be your gun or gear that'll be the hurdle.
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