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Originally Posted by Captains1911
I have had plenty of self-defense training, and practice plenty on my own. That is why I brought his up in the first place. It is preached that you fall back on training under stressful encounters. If you are "training" with different techniques, and yes I consider IDPA a form of training, the potential is there to make a costly mistake at the worst possible time.
Seems you had a concern and were asking others their opinion and what they might suggest. If you were only voicing your opinion, I mis-read.

Originally Posted by Captains1911
I'm not sure where the "whining" comment came from....
It wasn't directed towards you. I frequently read comments by those who claim they don't care about the competition part, while, in the same sentence, gripe about others who place higher and who don't share their "I run my EDC" philosophy. It gets old after a while. My suggestion to anyone who participates is to decide how you're going to participate, then do your best, be safe, and have fun.
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