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IDPA's a game, not SD training. Get SD training if you need it.

Personally, I feel there's nothing wrong with "gaming" it, and no one has a monopoly on how it "ought" to be shot. If you do shoot it to be competitive, and you're concerned about bad habits, I suggest actually practicing on your own with your EDC gear (something you should be doing anyway), rather than solely relying on a form of competition for that.

If you choose to use your EDC gear, and use the match for training, remember it's your choice to do so, so don't make yourself and others unhappy by whining if you find you're not competitive.
I have had plenty of self-defense training, and practice plenty on my own. That is why I brought his up in the first place. It is preached that you fall back on training under stressful encounters. If you are "training" with different techniques, and yes I consider IDPA a form of training, the potential is there to make a costly mistake at the worst possible time.

I'm not sure where the "whining" comment came from....
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