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Loaded to mag length gives me about .080" jump to the lands so that is where seating depth testing started. I don't want to single feed. 0.090" jump got the same group size but they opened up as I moved back so 0.090" is it.

I am going to try to reach out for distance but the furthest I've had it yet is 500 yards. Even though velocity would help, keeping the tightest groups I can get will help more. I'll just need more clicks.

I had also heard that the ELD profiles are forgiving of jump. That and knowing they shot tight groups in another rifle I am familiar with was why I started with them.

As to the point of diminishing returns at the upper end, I would have expected the opposite to be true, radical increases in both velocity and pressure as you approach max loads. Just the other day I came across someone who has done extensive pressure testing and I asked his opinion on that hypothesis. He also said that he observed lower velocity increases per unit of powder when approaching maximum loads even though the pressure was beginning to spike. I'm glad I've made it a point to stay away from that zone.

FWIW, my brother worked up a load with Retumbo and also found his accuracy node at a relatively low charge and velocity and he too went right up to book maximum.
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