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I'm also loading .338LM using 285 ELD-M and H1000 in an RPR using Lapua brass and 215M.

OCW results showed best accuracy at 79gr., almost indistinguishable point of impact change at 84, 85 & 86 gr. and very low velocity change between 88 & 89 gr.

I did seating depth testing at 79, 85 & 89 gr. but accuracy was still best at 79. I kept trying to find a node at higher velocity but it just might not be there. I've got two groups below .6 MOA but it seems like low 6's may be it. You're fortunate to get that at 2,733 w/ good ES and SD.

I used to be of the opinion that I load for the most accurate groups and if I need more velocity or energy it means I'm getting a new rifle. I might just have to settle for what it gives me this time. If I had cratered primers and stiff bolt lift, I would back off a bit and stop.
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