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Originally Posted by stinkeypete View Post
Reply to the bad science posted in Reply 75:

The experimental bias of the longer barrel for the .357 is simply inexcusable. Shoot .38 out of the 2 1/2 .357 magnum gun? What happened to the 1 7/8" barrel?

Okay.. now I have a bee in my bonnet and am going to do a regression to see what the velocity difference simply due to barrel length would be...

Simply due to barrel length alone the velocity of Corbon 125 g ammunition would be 1153 fps at 2.5" and 1,000 fps (huh, nice round number) at 1.875"

The .357 magnum loses 153 fps simply due to barrel length.

SO... if we take barrel length in to account, your youtube guy would have gained...

150 FPS for a massive increase in recoil. I buy that. Complete agreement.
If you want speeds from the same gun, you could have looked at the other two resources I posted.

An even better source with lots of data is the Lucky Gunner site.

The 2" 357 has about 300+ fps lead over the 2" 38 Special with equivalent loads.
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