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Originally Posted by FireForged
again, police are already doing that in a very meaningful way. and have been for 60 years. What are citizens doing?
That's extremely disingenuous at best. We have had armed civilians over the past 60 years, but the explosion of licensed CCW practitioners has only exploded in the last decade.

I do agree with your comment about what are citizens doing; however that's half the equation. You can simply ignore the increase of incidents of "friendly fire", but I would prefer to see more training on the LE side (which I can't necessarily confirm), as well as with those who CCW. Sure, common sense sounds simple enough, but I live and work in a very dynamic environment where you constantly have to train and remain vigilant of your surroundings. Common sense if often lost when you incorporate significant stress; training is the key and I'm simply saying that there's never a reason to ignore training to changes in an environment.

If the number of citizens with CCW has increased exponentially in the last decade and you see no reason for BOTH LE as well as citizens to address the potential for an intersection during and after a shooting incident, I'm simply wasting my time trying to explain my stance. I'm not blaming officers, but I am questioning if they are addressing the new dynamics. I truly don't know; however I agree with Tom Gresham's initiative with prominent members in the LE training community to actually get together and discuss it...that leads me to believe there is something that could use some improvement. I do know I can only train on what my personal actions will be and practice and train for those scenarios as much as I can.

I would like to hear from some actual LE members to see if this is being discussed, if it's not that big of an issue, or if any training scenarios are incorporating actions involving a potentially armed citizen in a self-defense shooting. Of course, I could just be blowing it out of proportion, but there are both statistics and cases where it sure seems like there is an increase.

The above article addresses a few "mistakes" where a legal gun owners were killed by LE. My question is why and how can both LE and civilian's reduce these incidents.

One area I think civilians need to receive some reinforced training is that they're not LE and they probably shouldn't inject themselves in a situation that doesn't immediately threaten them or their family. While many train, they should not become another "active shooter" unless they're are directly threatened. Personally, that makes the job of LE even more difficult when they arrive on the scene. That's a situation that may be difficult for many, but should be discussed and risks addressed.

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