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I had two Star machines that I used to load .45 and .38 Special for my classes in Toronto, back in the day. Then I bought Dupont 700X a shotgun powder.

The Star progressive reloading machines were born the same year that I was 1935, save you working it out, I am 83 YOA! With my Wife loading the primer tubes, 650 rounds per hour were easy to do.
I loaded countless thousands of .38spl projectiles, bought commercially.

I bought it in 12 lb metal kegs. Don't tell the Canadians, but it came home from Buffalo NYS, less Duty!

When I shot IPSC 5.2g pushed a 200g SWC cast lead bullet just fine, made the power factor. With my 4 bullets at a time, Hensly and Gibbs mold. Not sure on the cost now of 700X, but it might be worth a try.

When 9mm became the round of choice, I went to factory fresh rounds, W/sale.

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