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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
Am I capable of grappling? Probably. I have a varied martial arts background and am versed in weapon retention. Am I going to grapple?

If I am things have gone horribly wrong already. I am not a peace officer. I am not in a position to have to arrest anyone nor should I be attempting to. I am going to do everything I can to retreat from a situation. If I find the situation cannot be retreated from effectively I am going to do everything I can do avoid grappling - Kenpo emphasizes strikes aimed at joints - if I can step through an ankle and end my attackers willingness to continue the attack that is what it is going to take.

However I have a few simple rules about unarmed combat outside of an agreed upon sporting engagement:

1) Win at all costs

2) Arm yourself as effectively as reasonable

2A) If you did not bring a weapon find one - something

3) Use overwhelming force until your attacker no longer desires to continue the attack

There is no grappling involved in my philosophy. Might it end up that way? Perhaps but if it does i have done something wrong. I have also left myself incredibly open to a secondary threat. There is no escalation of force. If I am using force I am in a moral (and likely legal) position where the use of deadly force is justified and it is my intent to use as much force as I can bring to bear against my aggressor until his or her aggressive actions cease. Retreat if possible and engage only if necessary. If you must engage see the rules of combat above.

To me...grappling is:

the art of knocking others down, how to get back up if you are knocked down, and how to win if you are on the ground. Nobody said you would have a choice in going to the ground. Sometimes you have no choice. I took a self defense class a while back and one thing they enjoyed about having me was that if they got overly ambitious I frequently threw someone to the ground. That is a good thing to know how to react too.

My entire principle of conflict is very stoic in nature. I'm going to avoid it. But that is no realistic. Nor is it realistic for me to believe I will keep a fight within the realm of my own expertise
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