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I've dabbled in different grappling and MMA styles (high school wrestling, bjj, krav maga, boxing). I maintain decent all around fitness in addition to doing heavy bag workouts once or twice a week.

That said, I'm nowhere near proficient in any of the above mentioned sports/fighting styles, but I'm experienced enough to know when I'm starting to tangle with somebody who is, and when it's time to try something else.

Your most effective weapon in any confrontation is your brain. If you stay aware, plan for a few of the more likely scenarios, and prepare accordingly, you will probably find you can avoid/deal with most of them much better with a little bit of planning.

Example: After pulling up to your grocery store and getting out of your car, somebody pulls up pissed because you unintentionally and unknowingly cut them off a half mile back. They hop out and start coming toward you because they want to rumble. It's much easier and safer (for everyone) for you to paint their face with a small can of pepper spray then get out of the way while they run around swinging blindly than it is for you to roll around in the parking lot trying to fight them while keeping your Glock 26 from popping out of your passive retention IWB holster, even if you are a proficient fighter.

But by nature we train and prepare for the worst case scenarios. If I was wanting to do alot of grappling training I would incorporate training guns and focus on weapon retention and escapes, as that will be your primary goal if you end up in a fist fight with your gun and aren't actively shooting somebody. If you can find training guns that have the trigger guards blocked out they will probably be safer. I've seen fingers broken during training sessions where people are wrestling over a fake gun and somebody sticks a finger in the trigger guard to try to get better control over it.
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