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I do not grapple, at my age I rely on my wits and dirty street fighting. If I have to, I will use the Mike Tyson manuever and bite your ear off. I lift weights and at 340 lbs I am still pretty strong so I doubt many people will try a one on one against me. And after working in the medical field for more than 30 years and teaching anatomy I know exactly how and where to hurt you with very little effort.
This is terrible advice for most people who do not weigh over 250 pounds. I have seen many guys with this attitude come into the gym, challenge anyone there to a one on one with no rules, and its not usually a pretty sight. I have seen this happen to rangers, navy seals, x pro NFL football players, cops, etc. I have seen it too many times to count. I have so many stories of challenges that I have witnessed throughout my years of training that I wouldnt even know where to start. That doesn't even include the people that come in to train and but really want to fight someone and just get maimed once they reveal their intentions. Remember that knowing how to hurt someone and how to stop an attacker are two very different things. You can hurt someone and they can and will still fight you. They wont feel the pain until after the fight is over.
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