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My wife just got a Bersa Thunder in 380 ACP, and like you I added it to the reloading flock.

I happened to have a can of HP-38 that I chose to use with some 98 gr. cast RN's that I snagged locally. I'm a big fan of Bullseye, but I've been liking how the HP goes through the measure with light loads lately.

It was ridiculously easy to hit a perfectly functioning load with this little pistol, and I'll grab some more of these bullets to use in the future. ($70/thou)

Some of our forum fellows came through with a ton of brass for very reasonable price, some even free. I've now got so much that I won't cry if she loses some.

I got the Lee dies with the factory crimper, but haven't had to bother with that final crimp step. The plan is to get my chick to do her own loading for this one. jd
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