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Not a .380 guru, but...

The small amount of reloading I've done for the cartridge, a slight taper crimp (enough to take the bell out of the case, plus just a little, like 1/8 turn on the die or less) worked for just practice loads with fast burning powders. More crimp in loads with slower burning powders (we used Unique and Herco) was beneficial, but not absolutely necessary. As always, your results may not reflect my results.

The Bullseye and Red Dot will work for practice loads, and Power Pistol is best for getting the most out of the cartridge. I would not be surprised to find that Blue Dot is too slow burning to work well in .380.

The major nightmare that we ran across was the need to individually weigh very small charges of powder that meters like cornflakes. You may want to consider getting a ball powder like 231 or AA#5 so that small charges will flow through your powder measure more easily.

I don't have the 90gr. vs. 95gr. loading data in front of me, but I would expect them to be close. For the heavier slug, dropping the starting charge for the 90 grain projectile by 0.1 - 0.2 gr. would probably not hurt a thing.
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