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The "good habits" I already have include the following, along with refueling during daylight whenever possible:
  • I tend to start the process by looking around, and to keep looking around.
    If things do not seem right, I'll go elsewhere.
  • I am programmed to move first, looking for distance, freedom to move, concealment, and cover, before even thinking about drawing a firearm.
I can no longer move as fast as in years past, and I do not have Michael Janich's hand skills, speed, or strength.

I do not consider myself all that fast in drawing from concealment. In winter, with long garments, I tend to slip a Centennial into an accessible weak hand pocket.

When I watched the Gas Station Robbery episode with a neighbor yesterday, we both concluded that it would be a good idea to get our blackthorn sticks out of the car whenever we refuel. I haven't been doing that.
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